Celebrating the amazing women at Solution Seeker...

..and supporting further advancement of women in deep-tech. Norwegian data show only about 1% of female entrepreneurs are within deep-tech sectors.

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In Norway, roughly 30% of companies are started by women. But only 14% of entrepreneurs within STEM industries are women, and sadly only 1% of female entrepreneurs are within the deep-tech sectors. Coupling this with our strong belief that deep-tech companies will shape and change the future, we are committed to raising awareness of these issues and supporting women, especially within the fields of STEM and deep-tech.

At Solution Seeker we have been working actively to increase the share of female employees in our own company since the start and can proudly report that we have a 1/3 share today. We will continue to work on raising this number.

Since we are an AI company passionate about data science, we are also supporting the Women in Data Science (WiDS) network, originating at Stanford University. For the second year in a row, we are the proud sponsors of the WiDS Oslo conference taking place on May 5th 2022, featuring outstanding women speakers within the field. The topic of this year’s conference is Data Science for a Better World. All genders are encouraged to attend and learn from the great work done by these women.


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