The technology

Together with world leading partners, we have developed the first artificial intelligence for upstream oil & gas production optimization, leveraging big data and machine learning techniques to solve the dynamic stochastic optimization problem.

Big data Data mining and squashing

Our AI fuels on vast amounts of raw production data, capturing thousands of time series continuously sampled and tracing them back for years. Leveraging machine learning techniques for automatic pattern recognition and classification, the production data is refined and distilled through advanced statistical analyses and compressed to high-grade information through our proprietary and patented algorithm.

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Optimization Continuous search for maximum

Leveraging the power of its predictive capabilities with up-to-date, fast and accurate models, the AI enables a continuous search for maximum with our patented optimization algorithm. The AI captures and calculates the uncertainties through the whole data pipeline from raw data to estimates to predictions. This enables you to exploit the upside potential in your system while managing downside risk through our tracking and stop loss functionality.

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