Solution Seeker is built on the passion of each individual person in the company. We love our work and are fierce believers in the potential of our team and our technology.

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Curious, playful, warm, punchy

We are an innovative and curious team of
warm-hearted individuals, always having each other’s and the customer’s best interest in mind. We look forward to go to work every day in the playful environment at Solution Seeker headquarters, developing and improving our awesome and punchy technology and business.

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Anders Wenhaug
Software Engineer

The individual freedom we enjoy in this job makes it possible for me to be creative and test out crazy ideas to see what sticks. This freedom is invaluable to me and my colleagues.

Mathilde Hotvedt
Ph.D. candidate

Solution Seeker embraced me from the moment I arrived, both the work I do and who I am. Working as a researcher allows me to unfold my curiosity and chase cutting-edge technology.

Christine Sjulstad
Data Scientist

Not only am I working with pioneering tech within a high-stakes industry, but I’m also having so much fun while doing it. All because of 23 colleagues that I absolutely adore!