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  1. Solution Seeker supports the NumFOCUS initiative

    Published August 3rd 2018, 09:05

    The NumFOCUS initiative promotes sustainable high-level programming languages, open code development, and reproducible scientific research.

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  2. Solution Seeker in Rio

    Published July 27th 2018, 12:00

    This week we went back to Brazil to visit potential partners.

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  3. Solution Seeker welcomes our summer interns 

    Published June 12th 2018, 09:55

    We are proud to present our two interns this year, Eva and Eline, who will contribute to our data science and optimization team during the summer. Read on to learn more about them and their motivation.

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  4. Solution Seeker tour of The Americas

    Published May 10th 2018, 03:30

    An inspirational trip to San Fransisco, Houston and Rio de Janeiro.

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  5. Solution Seeker at Sysla Live

    Published May 4th 2018, 03:58

    Listen to the podcast where Sheri Shamlou and Bjørn-Erik Dale presented Solution Seeker at Sysla Live.

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  6. Solution Seeker welcomes Hanne Folde

    Published April 23rd 2018, 05:31

    We are happy to announce that Hanne Folde has joined our team. She completed her MSc. in Petroleum Engineering last year on the topic of fluid displacement in subsea pipe sections, and has taken additional courses in Computer Science.

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  7. AkerBP and Cognite partner with Solution Seeker AI on production optimization

    Published April 23rd 2018, 03:52

    AkerBP, Cognite and Solution Seeker have entered into a partnership agreement to leverage artificial intelligence (AI) for real-time, data driven production optimization.

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  8. Solution Seeker, originiating from NTNU, is transferring digital innovation to the petroleum industry

    Published April 17th 2018, 10:27

    The topic of NTNU’s Networking Conference 2018 was “Digital knowledge front – a cooperation arena for Norwegian competitiveness”.

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  9. Unlocking the value of production data from the Alvheim field

    Published April 13th 2018, 01:28

    Solution Seeker is working with Cognite to unlock and analyze production data from AkerBP-operated Alvheim.

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  10. Significant breakthrough: World’s first AI for oil & gas production optimization

    Published December 19th 2017, 12:24

    Solution Seeker, a Norwegian tech start-up, has had a breakthrough in the technical development of its artificial intelligence for real time oil & gas production optimization.

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