New website and refreshed visual profile

Our new website is finally live. And it has been a long time in the making. We hope it inspires a lighter feeling with greater focus on the people behind our technology.

Solution Seeker
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· 3 min read

The first time we launched a professional website was back in 2015. The feedback was that it was groundbreaking and felt really unique and different from most websites back in those days. It was a great starting point for a niche startup within the up and coming fields of big data and machine learning. We have tried to retain some of that sentiment as you can see on our Technology page and other parts of the new website. But we are also aware that the world today is becoming saturated with automation and that people are feeling somewhat alienated from the colder, superrational, inhuman feeling of intelligent machines. Our new website is instead focusing on bringing forward the human aspects of Solution Seeker, turning the spotlight onto the amazing people behind the technology and our great partners and users who are actually embracing our way of thinking.

Our visual identity has always been anchored in the ideas of searching and seeking, and deciphering and interpreting, a concept that truly is at the core of what we at Solution Seeker are doing with our technology. Indeed, we are searching for good solutions with our optimization techniques, but we are also deciphering all the unutilized data available to our users in order to support them in making better decisions - every day. Hopefully, you agree that we have managed that legacy in a fruitful way with this new website.

We also want to thank our partners Neue, Værsågod and Void for great contributions in the discussions and implementations needed to bring this new website to life.

PS. did you notice that our front-page is a bit different each time you visit? Check it out by refreshing a few times to explore the different content.