We are proud to present our new core values

Curious, Warm, Playful, Punchy. Our values represent both how we see ourselves right now, but also function as guiding principles for continuous improvement.

Solution Seeker
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Values say something about how we treat each other, what type of talents we are looking to recruit, how the company treats us, how we treat our customers and how we view society at large. In short, they make up the cultural cornerstone of Solution Seeker. The process and involvement of a cross-section of our team has been important for identifying and framing our values.

We are always on the lookout for additional curious, warm, playful and punchy individuals to join our amazing team. Visit our careers page and join us!


The very existence of Solution Seeker stems from asking if there is a better way of doing things. Being curious and not taking current “truths” as given is at the core of the company and lies close to Solution Seekers heart. It is not the first, and definitely not the last time a company has curiosity as a part of their values. For us, it is a fundamental trait - even reflected in the company name of seeking new and different solutions.

Great problems are only solved by innovation and passion. We constantly explore, develop and learn, and crave to seek new and groundbreaking solutions.


Being curious and able to ask questions of what and why underpin what we do and the problems we dig into. But how we do it and the way we relate to each other is important to ensure that we look forward to come to work every day. We want to surround ourselves with bright people, but always look for team players who can make others feel great on a bad day.

Our big-hearted employees are generous and accountable, and show respect to all team players. You should always feel included with us.


We trust our co-workers and give them the autonomy to control their own workdays. We believe that if we provide you the opportunity and tools you need to be your best self, you will grow and develop professionally and personally. We love informal environments, we are brave enough to admit failures and laugh at them, and we love exploring new ways of interacting with each other socially.

The time with us is the best time in your career. We value high flexibility and fun, and always have an agile approach. Happy programmers give happy customers.


The problems we face are rarely easily solved, because then everybody else could have done the same. We are a niche deep-tech company that combines the latest research on production optimization and artificial intelligence with product development, in close cooperation with the industry. Our Seekers are the best in the world at what they do, and becoming complacent is never an option.

We are powerful, and our combined skills are cutting-edge. We use our brains, network and results to maintain our position as world leading.