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One of our first partners, ConocoPhillips have truly been visionary and believed in a more digital and AI supported workflow for production optimization. We are excited to have renewed our partnership with them several times since 2014.

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Neptune Energy

Another one of our first partners, Neptune Energy (formerly ENGIE) has also supported our development since 2014. The Neptune Energy team we have worked with has been an excellent partner for ideation, testing and verification.

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Wintershall Dea

Wintershall Dea joined our development effort back in 2016. They have been an important contributor in solving several use cases throughout the years, including our application for Well Deduction Testing.

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Aker BP

Perhaps one of the most forward leaning oil companies in the North Sea when it comes to driving the digital transformation of the industry, Aker BP joined our effort in 2018 to pilot and test our data-driven approach to production optimization. The data is provided through Cognite, and our pilot is a three-way effort to achieve increased production through data liberation and the application of modern big data and machine learning techniques to solve operational challenges.

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We are very excited to announce our first contract in Asia, and partnership with PTTEP to bring AI and machine learning to optimize their production of oil and gas in real time using data-driven methods. We are impressed by PTTEPs vision and eagerness to explore these new, disruptive technologies on their digitalization journey. First out is the Arthit field, where Solution Seeker’s ProductionCompass AI solution will utilize all available and relevant data to perform real-time production data analytics for optimizing well testing, obtaining data driven rate estimations and creating models for water breakthrough. The subsequent phase of the project will be to roll-out the solutions to two additional assets.

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As the largest operator on the Norwegian Continental Shelf, Equinor has vast amounts of data, strong internal capabilities and a structured push for digitalization that makes them the perfect partner for testing and qualifying our solutions. We are very excited to announce our partnership with Equinor Research & Technology (R&T) to utilize AI and machine learning to capture optimization opportunities by using data-driven methods.

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Solution Seeker is proud to announce our partnership with OKEA and the Draugen production team. Together we will explore the possibilities of improving production by using data-driven methods and increased automation in the production domain. The goal is to reduce the time the engineers use on mundane tasks and data processing, and gain additional insights by having relevant models running live on incoming production data.

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OKEA and Solution Seeker An innovation workflow that supports O&G operations

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