Flow Rates

High quality flow rates with 90% less effort

Live & effortless
Get live rates directly into your historian, no follow-up or extra work needed
Reduce uncertainty
All rates have additional uncertainty measurements to help you reduce it
Enables optimization
Enables production optimization and can ultimately increase recovery


less effort

The main benefit of data-driven VFM is that it is effortless for your team
Data-driven methods deliver great superiority in terms of scalability and maintainability. That means that we can deliver live, quality assured rates with high accuracy at a competitive cost - with little to no effort required by your team. Combining this offering with our well test application will truly streamline your process from well tests to live rates.

Setting live rates up for existing wells, back-calculating your history or adding new wells are all effortless with data-driven methods. Ready to get a handle on your rates? Get in touch for a demo.


A data-driven virtual flow meter is a machine learning algorithm that has learnt to model how much oil, gas and water a well produces (typically trained on data from well tests). Contrary to mechanistic models, the DD-VFM has no built-in knowledge of physical laws (like how pressure drops when flow rate decreases), but learns what is needed to estimate flow rates given pressures, temperatures, choke openings and more.


operating points to learn from


wells to learn from

The magic is in cross-well learning
Our neural networks for estimating well rates are based on a unique architecture that allows the network to learn from the behavior of other wells. Data-driven methods are notoriously data-hungry, so this innovation has allowed us to effectively multiply the amount of data our network can learn from.

This is particularly helpful for wells with little quality data, either because of lacking sensors and measurements, or because they are new with practically no history. Our database is growing continuously, benefiting all existing and future partners with a vast library to learn from.

Streamline by connecting upstream and downstream workflows
To reap the full benefits of live flow rates, they must be placed in a bigger context. The tasks that are upstream and downstream the well flow rate estimation problem and solution, must be included in the effort towards integration and automation. The data needed, of which well tests are the most important, must be systematically created, captured, and mined. Automatic and online model training must be in place.

Finally, model performance must be monitored continuously to inform better decision-making. Our rate package module consists of several applications that streamline this process, and effortlessly link the rates to well testing and production optimization.

AI Flow modules

Solution Seeker is the only provider of commercial data-driven virtual well flow meters. Discover how this offering can help operators and production teams.


Learn about data reconciliation and how we apply the concept to flow rates to provide our customers with the best possible flow rate estimates given all their measurements.

FlowFusion Framework