Well Testing

Our Well Testing module aims to increase our partners' efficiency and automate the workflow around well testing.

Increase capacity
Optimizes well test duration, to better utilize the test separator and increase the test capacity
Improve quality
Auto-detects stable well test intervals and calculates statistics
Provides a structured source of truth for all historical well tests


average reduced test time

Live decision support
Get more insight into your live well tests, including uncertainties and test criteria status. Production teams invest heavily in well testing, both in terms of time, and sometimes even production deferment. Wouldn't it be great if you could increase your test capacity by 30 - 60%? You can - by having a full overview of critical parameters, and the ability to conclude tests when the necessary information has been extracted. Our application helps you standardize your testing, increasing precision and enabling a single ground truth.

Full control over historical test results
No more scrolling in endless time series data or looking up tests in obscure excel sheets with varying formats. A structured overview of all your past well tests, their statistics and status; approved, disapproved or not assessed. Filtering abilities for an intuitive overview of well tests with different test objectives, status or source. Lets you truly use your past tests for important decision making today.

Plan future tests
Do you usually test wells on a set schedule? Why not optimize future well tests by testing where information is most valuable? Our condition-based well test scheduling schedules future well tests based on what actually matters, with the ability to combine many different inputs. E.g. time since last test, uncertainty in well flow rate models, abnormalities in underlying measurements etc. Join the condition-based movement and test the well that needs it most.

Well testing package contents and use cases
Well testing with test separator

A use case displaying the value of our Well Test application when performing well tests on a test separator

Well Testing with Test Separators
Well testing by deduction

Showing how Solution Seeker successfully use a deduction test methodology to achieve high-quality well tests

Well Testing by Deduction
Condition-based well test scheduling

How we help our partners automate their well test schedules with a data-driven approach

Condition-Based Well Test Scheduling