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Emil, Sindre and Henrik all hold M.Sc. in Cybernetics and Robotics from NTNU in Trondheim with different specializations. They are joining different teams here at Solution Seeker. Emil and Sindre join our Analytics wing as Data Scientists, where Emil will be a part of the Tailoring drop and Sindre will join our AI focused team in DD-VFM. Henrik is joining the Development team as a Software Engineer.

Emil's master's thesis, combined machine learning, greenhouse monitoring and oil drilling. As a Bergen native, he's glad to boost the Bergen ratio in the company. Emil is an experienced handball player and spends much of his free time playing handball and running along Akerselva.

Sindre has a specialization in Autonomous Systems with a big focus on Machine Learning, and has also been working a lot with ML outside of school. In addition to his studies, he has spent 2 years as a member of the Technical organization Ascend NTNU. Outside of the office, Sindre is a sports enthusiast, enjoying playing Football, Tennis, and Padle. He's also a devoted Formula 1 fan, passionately cheering for McLaren during race weekends.

Henrik has specialized in real-time systems. His master's thesis delved into machine learning-enabled predictive modeling of building performance for electricity optimization. Beyond work he enjoys socializing and playing ball sports, particularly football and tennis. Fun fact – he once had the honor of being nutmegged in a competitive match by Kristoffer Ajer, a Premier League and national team player!

What factors made you want to start working for Solution seeker?

"From all the compelling factors that led me to choose Solution Seeker as my desired workplace, having the opportunity to work with such cutting-edge technology in an environment characterized by its highly competent, friendly, young, and outgoing coworkers stood out to me. Solution Seeker, with its intimate team of about 30 highly skilled employees, allows for a flat structure and minimal bureaucracy. This structure perfectly aligns with my career goals, offering a platform to further develop my expertise in software engineering and the machine learning niche which I explored extensively in my master's thesis—namely the application of machine learning to optimize real-time systems. Finally, the vibrant and close-knit team culture at the company truly fueled my desire to work at Solution Seeker." - Henrik


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