New Additions to the Solution Seeker Research Team

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We are thrilled to introduce our talented new hires who have joined the Solution Seeker Research group. They bring diverse expertise for continuing advancing our core technology. Let's meet out newest team members; Kristian Løvland and Erlend Lundby.

Kristian comes from Rakkestad and completed his master's degree in Cybernetics and Robotics at NTNU two years ago. Kristian collaborated with Solution Seeker for his master's thesis. As he approached the end of his thesis and still found it enjoyable, he realized that I wanted to pursue a doctoral degree. An opportunity arose to do a PhD in collaboration with Solution Seeker, and "I knew I had to accept it" he says. When he is not working on this, he spends a lot of time reading, which works out well since he is in a relationship with a librarian who constantly brings home new books for him.

Most machine learning models used today lack an understanding of causality, making them ineffective at answering questions like "What happens if I change this?"

Kristian finds this frustrating for those as he has a background in control engineering. In his PhD research, he is working on understanding how we can incorporate assumptions into the models to improve their ability to address such questions. His ultimate goal is to use machine learning models for model-based control.

Erlend holds a Master of Science degree in Marine Technology, with a specialization in Cybernetics, also from NTNU. He recently completed his PhD thesis at the Department of Engineering Cybernetics at NTNU, and is scheduled to defend it in June 2023. Erlend's research in his PhD focuses on overcoming data limitations, pushing the boundaries of process modeling.

Recently he started a PostDoc at the Robust Intelligent Control (RICO) project. In this project they hope to develop robust and scalable machine learning models for industrial processes that can be used in optimization and control.

The possibility to work with robust deep learning models and the intersection between deep learning and real-time optimization in real industrial processes motivated me to join Solution Seeker.