Christine and Jens, welcome to the team!

We are happy to welcome our newest hires Christine and Jens

Solution Seeker
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Solution Seeker is back from summer vacation, and we are thrilled to grow our team with two additional smart minds!

Christine was a summer intern with us last summer, and made a great impression on all of us at Solution Seeker. She just completed her Msc. in Industrial Economics at NTNU, specializing in Data Science, AI and Optimization. She will join our analytics team and contribute to creating value in our client-facing projects.

Jens just completed his masters in Engineering & ICT at NTNU, specializing in Marine Cybernetics and AI. His motivation for joining Solution Seeker is the chance to participate in the development and implementation of mathematical models that bring improved insight and utility to the industry. He will join our developer team and contribute to improving our software solution.