Paint'n sip with our soon to be colleagues

While counting down the months and days until we can welcome our summer interns and graduates, we wanted to throw them a welcome party. Although the corona situation set some limits, we managed to arrange a successful digital meet and greet.

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We wrapped up our recruitment process in October with nine new, amazing hires. It was, however, fair to say that waiting until June to give them a proper welcome felt like an awful long time. To shorten the waiting time, Solution Seeker Youth, our social committee, put together a fun program where we all got to know each other better. It turns out that we all have a lot of common interests and hobbies, and it seems likely that Solution Seeker will establish some new corporate team next year. Perhaps Solution Seeker ski & knit?

Due to home office and not being able to meet in person, we had to be creative in what activities and games to play over a webcam. What’s a better way to show our creative side than to paint famous and not so famous paintings? We sent paint, canvas and brushes in the mail to everyone, and the results were impressive! Although some of our current employees might need some more practice. The empty walls of the office will finally be adorned with beautiful art.

We ended the evening by playing a round of Geoguessr, a well-known break game for us Seekers. The game is all about figuring out where in the world you are placed, solely by navigating around in google street view. Naturally, we had planted some famous Solution Seeker locations, like the beach in Rio de Janeiro, our headquarter office in Oslo and some of our partner’s locations around the world. The new employees obviously paid attention during the introductory presentations, as they scored better than several of us.

Summer cannot come fast enough, as we are really looking forward to working and socializing with our new acquaintances. In the meantime, we will continue counting months and days.

Are you a skilled painter or Geoguesser? Take a look at our job openings, apply now and perhaps we will see you at our next session:

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