Solution Seeker welcomes our summer interns for 2018

We are proud to present our two interns this year, Eva and Eline, who will contribute to our data science and optimization team during the summer. Read on to learn more about them and their motivation.

Solution Seeker
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«I have recently completed my fourth year of Industrial Economics at NTNU, with specialization in optimization. I applied for a summer internship at Solution Seeker because I am excited to learn more about how optimization, combined with machine learning and other techniques, can be used in practice. It is also interesting to get an insight into the challenges and opportunities related to the digitalization of the oil and gas industry. I am looking forward to get to know the Solution Seeker team and experience how it is to work at a tech-startup.»


«I study technical mathematics at Chalmers Technical University in Gothenburg. I am currently working towards a master in engineering mathematics and computational science. I applied for the internship at Solution Seeker because of the fields they work in. My masters degree centers around big data and machine learning, and through this internship I can further my knowledge and develop my skills. Since the company is small scale I hope to get the opportunity to follow the whole process from customer to finished product. I am looking forward to working with one project over time together with another intern. This is my first internship and it is going to be exciting to put knowledge from my studies to use.»