Transferring digital innovation to the petroleum industry

The topic of NTNU’s Networking Conference 2018 was “Digital knowledge front – a cooperation arena for Norwegian competitiveness”.

Solution Seeker
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Both from NTNU and the industry, presentations were given showing strategies for digital restructuring, with innovation as the driver for increased competitiveness. Digital business development and challenges – like IT security and interaction between humans and robots – were discussed in panel discussions with great enthusiasm.

Our CTO, Bjarne Grimstad, proudly presented Solution Seeker as a great example of how a digital innovation, originating from NTNU, can be brought to the industry. In a center for research-driven innovation, the IO Center, scientists from the Cybernetics environment at NTNU worked closely with the industry on real problems. The center existed for eight years, and made the foundation for the establishment of Solution Seeker in 2013. Through the NTNU Technology Transfer Office, NTNU was present on the owner side and with a board position. Several of our employees were involved with this center, and have education in bringing digital innovation to the petroleum industry. Today we are maintaining our strong relationship with NTNU via student projects, where we are contributing to the education of students that can push the digital innovation further.

«The strong focus on digital innovation, from both NTNU and the industry, indicates that Solution Seeker is strategically positioned as we move into an exciting, digital future!»