PTTEP partnering with Solution Seeker in their drive for digital transformation

​PTT Exploration and Production Public Company Limited (PTTEP) and Solution Seeker have entered into a partnership to leverage artificial intelligence (AI) for real-time, data driven production optimization.

Solution Seeker
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contract in Asia

Solution Seeker has landed its first contract in Asia and we are excited to announce that we will be working tightly with the PTTEP Digital Transformation team to make better production decisions by applying new technologies. First out is the Arthit field, where Solution Seeker’s ProductionCompass AI solution will utilize all available and relevant data to perform real-time production data analytics for optimizing well testing, obtaining data driven rate estimations and creating models for water breakthrough. The subsequent phase of the project will be to roll-out the solutions to two additional fields next year.


PTTEP is a national petroleum exploration and production company dedicating to provide a sustainable petroleum supply to Thailand and the countries we operate in. The PTTEP’s vision aims to continually increase petroleum reserves and capture new business opportunities for the company’s sustainable growth in the presence of disruptive technology, focusing on driving the organization through both “Digital Transformation” which enhances operational efficiency and cost competitiveness, and “Organization Transformation” which results in a lean organization with agile ways of working.

To capture New Business opportunities for sustainable growth, PTTEP is placing a great emphasis on diversifying into other businesses in the oil and gas value chain which will provide the company an opportunity to explore beyond E&P. In addition, PTTEP has established EP-Tech Ventures Holding Company Limited to support future new business investment in diverse areas covering Robotics and AI, Maintenance and Inspection, and Renewable Energy.

About Solution Seeker

Solution Seeker is developing the first artificial intelligence for oil and gas production optimization, leveraging big data and machine learning techniques to solve the continuous optimization problem. The AI is capable of analyzing thousands of historical and live production data streams, identifying field behavior and relations, and automatically and continuously providing the most up to date prediction models to make the optimal choice of production settings. The AI is currently being developed and deployed in collaboration with ConocoPhillips, Neptune Energy, Wintershall, Lundin, AkerBP and now PTTEP. This will disrupt the way operators can maximize production and improve their operations.

Solution Seeker is a technology spin-off from the ICT research group at NTNU Engineering Cybernetics and NTNU’s Centre for Integrated Operations.