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  1. Friday knowledge-sharing

    Published June 12th 2020, 04:30

    Choke to pressure prediction models

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  2. Friday knowledge-sharing

    Published June 5th 2020, 04:30

    Hybrid AI well modeling: Combining physics with data-driven methods

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  3. Friday knowledge-sharing

    Published May 29th 2020, 04:00

    Friday at Solution Seeker means knowledge sharing. This Friday our chief science officer presented his work on data-driven modeling of hydrocyclones.

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  4. Solution Seeker welcomes Kristoffer to the team

    Published October 10th 2019, 11:56

    We are happy to announce that Kristoffer Nesland has joined our team. He has a MSc. in Mechanical Engineering on the topic of a mobile robot for inspection on an unmanned offshore production platform, with additional computer science courses.

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  5. Solution Seeker presenting at SPE in Abu Dhabi

    Published October 3rd 2019, 11:41

    Vidar Gunnerud, our CEO, presented Solution Seeker and our technology at the SPE Workshop: Unlocking Gas Potential in Abu Dhabi today.

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  6. PTTEP partnering with Solution Seeker in their drive for Digital Transformation

    Published September 27th 2019, 10:13

    ​PTT Exploration and Production Public Company Limited (PTTEP) and Solution Seeker have entered into a partnership to leverage artificial intelligence (AI) for real-time, data driven production optimization.

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  7. Solution Seeker welcomes Knut Viljar to the team

    Published August 15th 2019, 08:30

    We are happy to announce that Knut Viljar Hilstad joined our team this summer. He holds a MSc. in Industrial Economics from NTNU and has also completed a one-year programme in mathematics, taking advanced courses in analysis and statistics.

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  8. Solution Seeker Summer Internship 2019

    Published June 17th 2019, 02:49

    Summer has officially started at the Solution Seeker offices with our 6 summer interns moving in for the next 2 months.

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  9. Strategic partnership with ISDB FlowTech

    Published May 8th 2019, 03:54

    We are proud to announce that Solution Seeker has entered into a strategic partnership with ISDB FlowTech for joint R&D of hybrid AI technologies for oil and gas production optimization in Brazil.

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