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  1. An update on our recruiting process

    Published September 23rd 2020, 03:50

    ​Summer vacation is definitely over at Solution Seeker, and among all the different things we need to wrap our heads around and get ready for this coming fall, is our Big Annual Recruiting Round.

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  2. Tor Hedin and Anders, welcome to the team!

    Published September 18th 2020, 09:21

    We are so excited to grow our team with two additional members; meet Tor Hedin and Anders.

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  3. Solution Seeker Ranks among the Top 10 in EU Innovation Funding Scheme

    Published September 14th 2020, 01:22

    We are proud to announce that our core technology and significant team efforts have also been recognized within the highly competitive environment of European Union's flagship innovation programme, Horizon 2020.

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  4. Friday knowledge-sharing

    Published August 21st 2020, 05:00

    GUI resampling

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  5. Christine and jens, welcome to the team!

    Published August 18th 2020, 11:32

    We are happy to welcome our newest hires Christine and Jens

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  6. Friday knowledge-sharing

    Published June 12th 2020, 04:30

    Choke to pressure prediction models

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  7. Friday knowledge-sharing

    Published June 5th 2020, 04:30

    Hybrid AI well modeling: Combining physics with data-driven methods

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  8. Friday knowledge-sharing

    Published May 29th 2020, 04:00

    Friday at Solution Seeker means knowledge sharing. This Friday our chief science officer presented his work on data-driven modeling of hydrocyclones.

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  9. Solution Seeker welcomes Kristoffer to the team

    Published October 10th 2019, 11:56

    We are happy to announce that Kristoffer Nesland has joined our team. He has a MSc. in Mechanical Engineering on the topic of a mobile robot for inspection on an unmanned offshore production platform, with additional computer science courses.

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  10. Solution Seeker presenting at SPE in Abu Dhabi

    Published October 3rd 2019, 11:41

    Vidar Gunnerud, our CEO, presented Solution Seeker and our technology at the SPE Workshop: Unlocking Gas Potential in Abu Dhabi today.

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