ProductionCompass is the world’s first full stack AI for real time production optimization, designed for the production engineer to leverage through a highly user-friendly web interface.

ProductionCompass is packed with proprietary and patented technologies based on 10 years of R&D dedicated to the oil & gas production optimization problem, while at the same time leveraging some of the world’s most powerful data analytics, machine learning and optimization tools available.

While extremely advanced and powerful, ProductionCompass is deployed with state-of-the-art web technology, making it very easy to use. We also provide full transparency on all steps from data analytics to optimization, so that you can remain in full control.

This is an AI for you to leverage!

Data Analytics

ProductionCompass fuels on vast amounts of raw production data, capturing thousands of time series continuously sampled and tracing them back for years. Through automatic pattern recognition and classification, the production data is being refined and distilled through advanced statistical analyses and compressed to high-grade information through our proprietary and patented algorithm.

Machine Learning

ProductionCompass leverage multiple real time machine learning systems working both in parallel and together. The AI engine combines hierarchical neural networks, first principle physics, and statistical models, as well as data override of truly known parameters. This enables ProductionCompass to capture and analyse the dynamics of your system by separating reservoir effects from the response of your production facility controls, such as choke positions, gas lift rates, artificial lift equipment, and network routing of the wells.

As such, ProductionCompass’ learning algorithms capture the best practice operations across your production teams and throughout your production history.


Leveraging the power of the AI’s predictive capabilities, ProductionCompass constantly updates its estimation and prediction models, enabling a continuous search towards maximum with our patented optimization algorithm.

Throughout the data capture, processing and analysis, ProductionCompass capture and calculate the uncertainties through the AI pipeline from raw data to estimates to predictions. This enables you to exploit the upside potential in the model while managing downside risk through our tracking and stop loss functionality.

Should your production engineer want to go beyond our qualified predictions, the ProductionCompass could enable Hybrid AI to both calibrate and extract virtual data from your digital twin, and thus extend the predictive capabilities of the combined system.