Action Hub

Action Hub is designed to streamline communication across teams.

Create actions, add urgency labels, target components and deadlines
Internal chat
Add quick comments and facilitate discussions between users
Attach and make easily available the latest procedure and remarks on all actions and components

In the context of daily operations, "actions" refer to specific tasks that must be executed usually by operators. These actions encompass a range of activities, including adjustments to production settings, scheduling and conducting tests, performing maintenance tasks, implementing operational changes, and responding to emergencies. Clear communication and timely execution of these actions are critical, as they directly impact the operational workflow and ensure that production goals are met without compromising safety or efficiency.

Problem statement

Communication between onshore teams and operators is a critical aspect of daily operations but is often unstructured, relying on emails and phone calls. This ineffective communication leads to misunderstandings across teams and unclear status updates—whether actions are completed, rejected, or unread remains uncertain. As a result, important actions may not be completed promptly, hindering production efficiency.

Additionally, the lack of structure impacts another area: actions taken by operators are generally not automatically synchronized with the Production & Injection (P&I) plan. This discrepancy can lead to potential inefficiencies and inconsistencies in the overall production process.

Action Hub addresses all of these issues, including the difficulty of tracking requested and implemented actions, the prevalence of unstructured and inefficient workflows, and the problem of delayed communication, often requiring follow-up to ensure timely responses.

Implemented Solution

Action Hub provides an online, real-time overview of actions, serving as a single point of contact between onshore teams and operators. It includes features such as urgency labeling and communication or chat options directly linked to specific actions. Additionally, the app allows for the write-back of actions to external databases, such as Energy Components, ensuring seamless integration and efficient workflow management.

Production and Injection plan as part of Action Hub

The app includes a continuously updated Production and Injection (P&I) plan that integrates a comprehensive production schedule and detailed injection plan.

It provides a quick overview of current production activities and includes specific procedures and important remarks for each well. This ensures that all operational aspects are systematically documented and readily accessible for efficient management and decision-making.

Value Added
Updated P&I plan

All users are kept up-to-data about actions status and latest P&I plan

Important information in one place

Less time spent searching for information in different applications/communication channels.

Focus user attention

Urgency labels prevent the issue of needing to call directly.