AI technology into land-based salmon farming

Salmon Evolution and Solution Seeker join forces on data-driven production optimization in land-based fish farming, with backing from Innovation Norway.

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Salmon Evolution's flagship production facility, Indre Harøy, is set to become one of Europe’s largest land-based salmon producers by leveraging innovation and digitalization. Total annual production is expected to reach 31.500 tonnes by 2028, the equivalent of 150 million portions of salmon per year.

The ability to stream, mine, visualize, analyze, and extract value from real-time data is a key competitive advantage for Salmon Evolution, and Solution Seeker comes in as an experienced strategic technology partner in this multi-year project. The two companies share a culture of innovation and agility, hence with a great potential for joint technology breakthroughs via the partnership.

Solution Seeker utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning to assist in streamlining production, with the goal of understanding how various input factors in the life cycle of fish are interconnected with the fish's growth curve. Until today, this service, referred to as "managed AI as a service", has only been provided to the oil and gas industry.

As a first mover utilizing the hybrid flow-through system (HFS) to farm salmon on land, the company is actively taking the lead in technology development together with forward-leaning companies like Solution Seeker. Solution Seeker's delivery model enables customized and robust digitalization and AI solutions, where the company provides in-depth analysis and real-time management information.

Salmon Evolutions choice of HFS-technology is based on substantial supplies of fresh seawater and a sincere desire to ensure the best possible water quality for the salmon. This secures a truly sustainable production process with controlled and optimal growth conditions while limiting operational and biological risk.

The project will be partially funded by Innovation Norway and will span over three years. A successful pilot project between the two companies has already been completed with financial support from the European Commission (Eurostars Innovation Call).

" I am very pleased that Innovation Norway recognizes the potential of digitalization of land-based salmon farming and supports this project. The collaboration with Solution Seeker enables us to gather and present real-time information that where earlier impossible to gain effectively. Furthermore, analysis and understanding of the huge amount of data gathered at our sites provide us with a key advantage in creating and maintaining the best possible biological environment for our salmon"

Jon Åge Stakvik-Løvås, automation engineer and project lead digitalization

Salmon Evolution

"Our ProductionCompass AI technology stack has proven that it creates value in environments with lots of sensor data. The potential for AI in land-based salmon farming is huge, and we are highly motivated to continue working with such a forward-thinking partner as Salmon Evolution. It is also great that Innovation Norway is betting on technology developed in Norway originally for oil and gas, which is now being expanded into fish farming and beyond.”

Vidar Gunnerud, founder and CEO

Solution Seeker

For more information, please contact:

Solution Seeker, Vegard Drange Ystenæs, 918 32 635,

Salmon Evolution, Ingrid Humlung Scheie, 926 98 641,

About Salmon Evolution /

Salmon Evolution is a Norwegian land-based salmon farming company targeting a production capacity of 100,000 tonnes HOG by 2032. The company’s core focus is on extending the ocean’s potential by transferring the best preconditions offered by the sea to farm fish on land through its chosen hybrid flow-through system technology (HFS). This secures a truly sustainable production process with controlled and optimal growth conditions, limiting operational and biological risk

The company’s first production facility is strategically located at Indre Harøy on the Norwegian west coast with unlimited access to fresh seawater, renewable energy, established infrastructure, and an educated and experienced workforce. Phase 1 is already in operation and will have an annual capacity of 7,900 tonnes of HOG at a steady state. Fully developed, the Indre Harøy facility will have an annual capacity of 31,500 tonnes HOG.

The company has also entered into a joint venture with Dongwon Industries where the parties will develop, construct and operate a land-based salmon farming facility in South Korea with an annual production capacity of 16,800 tonnes HOG, using Salmon Evolution’s chosen HFS technology.

Furthermore, Salmon Evolution has initiated a process with the aim of establishing a land-based salmon farming operation in North America.

Salmon Evolution ASA is listed on Oslo Børs under the ticker SALME.

About Solution Seeker /

Solution Seeker is a deep-tech AI company spun out of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in 2013. The company’s foundation was based on a preceding 8-year research project at NTNU on integrated operations in the oil and gas industry, where a market potential for data-driven production optimization technology was identified. Over the following decade, the company has developed its cloud-based AI platform called ProductionCompass (PCAI), which today provides AI models and algorithms used in operations by 15+ production assets in Asia, Europe, and South America. PCAI has in total streamed more than 300 billion data points from these production assets and is now operating more than 50 thousand models and algorithms in real-time to support a wide spectrum of production optimization applications and use cases.

Solution Seeker is now actively working to further develop the technology from the oil and gas industry so that it can be applied in new and greener verticals.