A Customizable Framework for Adaptive Process Monitoring

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UX design is an essential element in the successful development of applications. Recognizing its significance, we recently joined forces with two talented designer students, Anita Stuberg Guldseth and Aurora Skotte, in collaboration with Junior Consulting. Together, we undertook a project aimed at creating a design framework tailored for process monitoring in different industries. The result of the project is prototype of a customizable dashboard solution that empowers users to adapt and optimize their experience. This solution empowers individuals to personalize their dashboard interface, catering to their specific needs and preferences. Four wireframes of the prototype are displayed in the image.

Going forward, we are excited to continue improving our applications, ensuring user-friendly experiences, and providing a seamless journey for our users. Through this collaboration, we have solidified our commitment to prioritize UX design as a key element in delivering adaptive and user-centric solutions.