Solution Seeker ranks among the top 10 in EU innovation funding scheme

We are proud to announce that our core technology and significant team efforts have also been recognized within the highly competitive environment of the European Union's flagship innovation programme, Horizon 2020.

Solution Seeker
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out of 597 companies

Solution Seeker ranked

  • 9th out of 597 companies in the Innowwide Funding Call, and
  • 1st among all Norwegian and Scandinavian applicants

The funding award will boost our internationalization efforts, with an initial focus on Brazil, where we are in advanced stages to deploy our Artificial Intelligence (AI) for real-time, data-driven production optimization with major oil & gas operators. We will build on our proprietary platform, ProductionCompass AI, to develop and commercialize new Hybrid AI technologies for oil production optimization, including new applied R&D efforts with flow assurance experts ISDB FlowTech, targeting solutions tailored for Brazil's giant pre-salt offshore fields.

«A Horizon 2020 grant and a Top 10 rank among nearly 600 European companies is a further testament to the relevance of our core technology and our ongoing internationalization efforts. We look very much forward to expanding our operations and tackling new challenges in Brazil and the Americas»

Vidar Gunnerud
Solution Seeker CEO