Strategic partnership with ISDB FlowTech

We are proud to announce that Solution Seeker has entered into a strategic partnership with ISDB FlowTech for joint R&D of hybrid AI technologies for oil and gas production optimization in Brazil.

Solution Seeker
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ISDB FlowTech is an ANP accredited, private non-profit research institute developing and employing advanced mechanistic models for analyzing oil and gas flow and reservoirs. ISDB FlowTech has unique competence and extensive experience with the development of physical models for production analysis.

Solution Seeker is developing and utilizing artificial intelligence techniques, technologies and solutions for oil and gas production data analytics and production optimization based on statistical and machine learning models as well as hybrid models including first-principles physics models.

Together, Solution Seeker and ISDB FlowTech are uniquely positioned to engage in joint R&D for production analytics and optimization in Brazil.