ConocoPhillips' experience with Solution Seeker

Listen to ConocoPhillips talk about their experience and results from working with Solution Seeker to maximize production at Ekofisk through real time data driven optimisation and decision support.

Solution Seeker
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Kristin Pettersen from ConocoPhillips' Production Delivery Center (PDC) team is one of the speakers at the EnergyWorld conference to be held in Stavanger 23.March 2017. The PDC team at ConocoPhillips are acknowledged for their to-date success on maximizing daily oil to sales resulting from Integrated Operations and Continuous Improvement initiatives implementation of the past 10 years. She will talk about her experience in partnering with us to take the daily “bbls hunt” into an even more effective future work process; by building data “mining” algorithms and structure vast amount of daily production data into decision support information.

Hope to see you at EnergyWorld! You can read more about the event here.