Welcome our summer design interns, Vilde and Sander!

Let's get to know them

Solution Seeker
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Vilde and Sander are Industrial Design students at NTNU and are joining us this summer to contribute to our applications design process.

Vilde's design philosophy is driven by curiosity and a commitment to creating engaging solutions that are both useful and enduring. Outside of her design work, Vilde has a keen interest in exploring art and architecture. She enjoys traveling, which allows her to experience and appreciate diverse design styles and aesthetic expressions.

Sander is inspired by the principle of simplicity in his design work. He believes that the best solutions are often the simplest ones, focusing on ease of use and clarity. Recently, Sander has taken up running, which has become a significant part of his free time.

Why did you apply for an internship at Solution Seeker?

"I was seeking an internship where I could apply user-centered design methods in real-world cases. Additionally, I was eager to work with the motivated and skilled people at Solution Seeker, who are dedicated to meeting user needs." - Vilde

What do you hope to learn and achieve during this internship?

"I hope to gain a better understanding of the user perspective when dealing with complex systems; how to best visualize and communicate information to aid critical decision making. With the rapid improvement in AI, it would also be interesting to learn more about how it can be utilized for improved user experience and performance in such systems. In return, I hope to be able to show both the importance and impact that design can have." - Sander

Welcome aboard! We look forward to collaborating with you and seeing the innovative solutions you'll bring to our team.